Terms and Conditions

Zenith GRP Ltd. -Terms and Conditions

(i)   In these terms and conditions the client means any employer to whom candidates are introduced by Zenith GRP Ltd. or any collaborating company.

(ii)   Appointment fees become payable within thirty days from the date of our invoice. Appointment fees are invoiced upon written acceptance of job offer by the candidate.

(iii)  Our fee rate is 30% of gross annual emoluments payable upon successful appointment. This shall include basic salary, cash benefits, upfront payments and bonus. For the avoidance of doubt, bonus includes any target, indicative or full year (or howsoever designated) number, communicated either contractually or written or verbally, either directly to the candidate or via Zenith GRP Ltd.

(iv)  Engagement, interview or acceptance of CV of any candidate shall be deemed an acceptance of these terms and conditions of business.

(v)  Where a candidate is initially rejected by the client or initially rejects that client company’s offer of employment and is subsequently employed by that company in any capacity, up to and including twelve months after the initial introduction date, the client company shall be liable for the full fee resulting from each employment, as if the rejection had not occurred.

(vi)   Where an offer of employment has been made in writing by a client and is subsequently withdrawn by the client after acceptance by the candidate through no fault of the candidate the normal recruitment fee will be payable by the client.

(vii)   Applicants introduced by a client to third parties, resulting in employment of any nature will result in a full fee being payable by the client to whom the candidate was initially introduced.

(viii) Where a client is introduced to an applicant for a permanent position and the applicant is subsequently offered employment by the client on a temporary contract basis, Zenith GRP Ltd. will invoice a single fee, calculated as the daily rate multiplied by the number of working days stipulated in the temporary contract. If the contract is renewed at the end of the original term, Zenith GRP Ltd will re-invoice in the same manner. Where a permanent contract is offered to the same applicant immediately after contract has expired Zenith GRP Ltd. will invoice as per point (iii) above.

(ix)    Should the engagement of the applicant terminate within 12 weeks (including a notice period) from the date of engagement, we shall endeavour to seek a satisfactory replacement candidate at no extra cost to the client, other than advertising where agreed, providing that:

(a)        The dismissal is justified or the employee leaves of his/her own accord.

(b)        The employer notifies Zenith GRP in writing immediately once the employer is aware of a resignation/dismissal.

(c)        The dismissal is not due to any redundancy measure whatsoever.

In the circumstances where we are unable to find a satisfactory replacement candidate we guarantee to refund a proportion of our introduction fee as follows:

A refund of one twelfth of the fee for each whole working week not completed up to a twelve-week period. This refund guarantee is conditional upon the full invoice being settled within 30 days of invoice date.

(x)   Whilst every effort is made to maintain a high standard of integrity and a reliable service, no liability can be accepted by us for any negligence, dishonesty, misconduct or lack of skill of our candidates.

(xi)   It is not our responsibility to establish references, check credentials and qualifications of candidates submitted unless specifically requested by the client in writing.

(xii)  Any variation of these terms and conditions must be put in writing and shall be valid for 24 months from the date of agreement.